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This section includes books and booklets on...

Anston, Aston, Braithwell, Dinnington, Firbeck, Harthill, Laughton, Letwell, Roche Abbey, Rotherham, Sandbeck, Sheffield, Thorpe Salvin, Tickhill, Wentworth, Wickersley and, of course, WOODSETTS

  • In addition there are books about South Yorkshire and Yorkshire generally, as well as neighbouring Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
  • We also have guides to help you get started on local history

Books In The Glass Cupboard


Anston John Fisher 0001 & 0001.1
Anston P Stratford 0186
Anston & Its  Ancient Parish Church John Fisher 0002
Anston Cricket Club 1919-1950 Frank Hogg 0003
Anston-Then and Now Vol. 1 B Gellatly&P Stratford 0004
Anston-Then and Now Vol. 2 B Gellatly&P Stratford 0005
Anston-Then and Now Vol. 3 B Gellatly&P Stratford 0006
Anston: Gleanings from the Past John Fisher 0007


Top o’ Til Aston Local History Group 0008
The Eight Shillings Manor Neil Morris 0009
Some Aspects of the History of Aston-cum-Aughton Aston Local History Group 0010 & 0010.1 & 0010.2
The Story of the Church of All Saints, Aston Mary E Layne 0011


A Goodly Heritage   0012
Braithwell: The Village Where I Belong Joyce Milnes 0014


The Changing Village Joyce Drinkwater 0015
My Life in Dinnington, Laughton & Firbeck S J Hodkin 0016
Tankersley, Fanshawe Gate, Dinnington & Longshaw Charters T Walter Hall 0017
Dinnington Then & Now: Vol.1 Dinnington History Society 0018
Dinnington Then & Now: Vol.2 Dinnington History Society 0019
A Decorated Late Iron Age Torc P Beswick 0020
The Althorpes of Dinnington Hall Jon D Harvey 0021
Dinnington Home Guard & Pit E Brotherton 0013


Firbeck and the Three Estates Cyril Stocks 0022
St Leger: The Family and the Race Moya St Leger 0023


The History of Harthill H Garbett 0024 & 0025
Wrapped in a Warm Blanket (memories of 20th century Harthill-with-Woodall) Joan Johnson (Compiler) 0189


History of Laughton W.E.A. (Laughton) 0026
Census 1841   0027
Census 1851   0028 & 0028.1
Census 1861   0029
Census 1871   0030
Census 1881   0031
The Character of Laughton C W Wright 0032
Notes on Laughton Roland Barrett 0033 (see in cupboard)


Letwell: A Village History Rev P Ireson (ed.) 0034


No More Kick-Can and Cobbles Michael J Fowler 0342


Roche Abbey   0035
The History of Roche Abbey Aveling 0036
Monks Magnates Miners and Motorways Rev. D Lumb 0037


Aspects of Rotherham M Jones (ed.) 0038
Aspects of Rotherham 2 M Jones (ed.) 0327
Aspects of Rotherham 3 M Jones (ed.) 0039
Relics and Records of Men and Manufactures John Guest 0040
The Stove Grate & Light Castings Industry C Morley 0041
Rotherham: The War Years 1939-1945 P Quail 0042
The Rotherham Lead Poisoning Outbreak 1954 J Williams 0043
Kimberworth:An Outline History C Wilson 0044.1
Old Meeting Houses and Their Ministers W Blazeby 0045
Rotherham’s Forerunners H Armitage 0336
100 Years of Football in Rotherham R Finney 0335
A Lifetime in Steel: A Pictorial History of Iron and Steelmaking in Rotherham Rotherham M.B.C. 0334
A Short History of Education in the County Borough of Rotherham (1871-1974) Phyllis M Cater 0340
Rotherham Town Public Houses 1820-1990 Paul Satterthwaite 0346
Rotherham Then And Now F Crowder & A Turner 0361

*A History of Rotherham’s Roads & Transport see Transport section in the other cupboard


A North Country Estate T W beastall 0046
Records of the Lumleys of Lumley Castle   0047


Prehistoric and Roman Times in the Sheffield Area Butterworth & Lewis 0067
History of the Diocese of Sheffield M Walton 0048
A Popular History of Sheffield J Edward Vickers 0056
A Sheffield Heritage: An Anthology C A Turner 0059
A Short History of Sheffield Cutlery and the House of Wolstenholme H Bexfield 0325
On the Knife Edge C Jenkins & S McClarence 0312
Sheffield in Tudor & Stuart Times Sheffield Galleries & Museums Trust 0065
A Sheffield Heritage: An Anthology of Photographs and Words of the Cutlery Craftsmen C A Turner 0341
Made in Sheffield: A photographic survey of little mesters workshops Steerwood&Machan 0324
Growing up in Attercliffe A Green 0053
Sheffield’s East Enders K Farnsworth 0054
The Great Sheffield Flood of 1864 E G Draper 0057
Sheffield As It Was c.1903   0055
The Great Sheffield Picture Show David Bostick 0061
A Pub on Every Corner Douglas Lamb 0066
A Third Helping of Peter Harvey’s Sheffield P Harvey 0063
Industrial Sheffield&Rotherham 1919 0058
The Rural Metalworkers of the Sheffield Region: A Study of Rural Industry Before the Industrial Revolution David Hey 0337
Material for the History of Wincobank 1523-1750 T Walter Hall 0050
Early History of Stocksbridge and District:1914 Joseph Kenworthy 0052
Le Tall’s Woodhouse M Langley 0062
The Odd, Amusing and Unusual in Sheffield J Edward Vickers 0060
Drawings of Historic Totley B Edwards 0051
Sheffield & South Yorkshire F Frith 0049
Somewhere Further North: A History of Music in Sheffield E D Mackerness 0338
Polar Bears from Sheffield: A Memorial to the Officers and Men of the Hallamshire Battalion the Yorks & Lancs Regiment WW11 Don Scott 0064
Sheffield & South Yorkshire C Hardy 0362
The Sheffield School Board 1870-1903 J H Bingham 0367
City of Sheffield Training College R Millington 0368
Hunter’s ‘Hallamshire’ Ed. Rev. Alfred Gatty:1869 0375*
Sheffield Parish Registers to 1736 in six volumes See Family History section  

*There are also some books about Sheffield’s trams & buses in the ‘Transport’ section


A Brief History of the Church and Village of Thorpe Salvin Harry Garbett 0085


Tickhill T W Beastall 0087 & 0088

*see also ‘Tuppney’s Tales (a memoir about growing up in Tickhill in the 40s & 50s in the Biographies & Memoirs Section


The Story of Todwick Various 0089


The Big House and the Little Village Roy Young 0090
Faith in the Village Roy Young 0091


The Roddis Quarries of Wickersley1767-1962 L & S Beckett 0092
Wickersley: The Story of a Village Rev. sorby Briggs 0093
Wickersley, its Environs and Inhabitants L & S Beckett 0094


*books asterisked are in the safe

Socheage Hill to Sandbeck Rev P Ireson (ed.) 0095
Socheage Hill, Moses’ Seat & Lindrick Common J H Cockburn 0096
Aspects of the History of Woodsetts A & V Underwood 0097
Woodsetts: A History up to 1850 and Sometimes Beyond Stuart Kingston 0344
Flat Caps and Bicycle Clips: A History of the Artisans Peter Hall 0099
History of Lindrick Golf Club J Arthur Colver 0100
Censuses of Woodsetts 1841-1901 (7 vols.) 0101/2/3/4/5/6/7
Constable’s Accounts 1812-1849*   0108
St George’s Church: Minutes of vestry meetings 1842-1972*   0109
St George’s Church:burial register (copies)1843-1978   0098
St George’s Church:burial register (copies) 1979-2002   0110
Granny Cawkwell’s Midwife’s Register 1905-1935*   0111
Woodsetts: A Personal View George Douglas 0112
Midwife Toads: an introduction John Clark 0113
Woodsetts Parish Council minutes 1894-1991*   0114
Woodsetts Parish Council minutes 1936-1970*   0115
Woodsetts Parish Council Minutes 1970-1982*   0116
Woodsetts Parish Council minutes 1982-1988*   0117
Declaration of Acceptance of Office by Woodsetts councillors 1935-1970*   0118
Lindrick Common Enclosure 1888(see map drawer)   0119
Woodsetts Land Ownership & Transactions from 1220 Stuart Kingston 0120
Monumental Inscriptions:St George’s Church   0080


The Making of South Yorkshire David Hey 0070
History of South Yorkshire* Joseph Hunter 0072
South Yorkshire Vols 1&2* Joseph Hunter 0072 & 0072.1
The Enigma of Brunanberg L & S Beckett 0068
The Doncaster Region in Roman Times Various 0313
Saxon Churches in South Yorkshire S.Y.C.C. 0073
Fields in South-West Yorkshire in the Middle Ages. D Postles 0084
Medieval South Yorkshire David Hey 0071
Timber framed buildings in South Yorkshire S.Y.C.C. 0075
Fabric of the Past:Some Listed Buildings in South Yorkshire   0082
Discovering South Yorkshire S.Y.C.C. 0077
A Grim Almanac of South Yorkshire Kevin Turton 0078
Travellers in South Yorkshire   0079
Kings Canals and Coal D Lunn 0081
The Miners’ Strike in South Yorkshire J A Peck 0188
Sheffield’s Post Offices in the Wapentakes of Strafforth and Tickhill R Ward & W Sedgewick 0083
Bawtry, Tickhill and Wadworth (photos) P Tuffrey 0076
Place-names of the West Riding:Part 1 A H Smith 0069
A Guide to the Industrial History of South Yorkshire Derek Bayliss 0074
The South Yorkshire Glass Industry G D Lewis 0333
The South & West Yorkshire Village Book S & W Yorks Fed. Of Women’s Institutes 0347
The Great Flood Martin Smith 0355
The South Yorkshire Historian W.E.A studies 0365


Yorkshire Battlefields I Broadhead 0291
Village Yorkshire M Colbeck 0292
The Charm of Yorkshire Churches Pontefract:Hartley 0293
Yorkshire Legends & Traditions T Parkinosn 0294
Snickelways of York M Jones 0295
York:the Continuing City Pnuttgens 0296
West Riding of Yorkshire 1911 Joseph Morris 0297
Yorkshire Anglers’ Guide & Map   0298
Yorkshire G Bernard Wood 0299
Plain Tales from Yorkshire R Mason 0300
Place-Names of the West Riding English Place-name soc. 0301/2/3/4/5/6
Yorkshire & the Civil War W Haward 0307
The Buildings of England

Yorkshire & the West Riding

N Pevsner 0308
The Buildings of England: The North Riding N Pevsner 0309
Domesday:Yorkshire (2 vols)   0218 & 0218.1
Collectio Rerum Ecclesiasticarum G Lawton 0339
Yorkshire History Makers M Colbeck 0348


Yorkshire Charters from the Lindsay Collection T Walter Hall (ed.) 0179
A Handlist of Parish Registers in the Borthwick Institute N Gurney 0180
A History of Surnames Ewen 0181
Archives and Local History F G Emmison 0182
Local Sources for Young Historians R Dunning 0183
Sources for English Local History W B Stephens 0190
A Medieval Farming Glossary :Latin&English John L Fisher 0191
County Records Emmison & Gray 0192
Debrett’s Family Historian   0193
Tracing your Ancestors D M Field 0194
Debrett’s Peerage   0195
Yorkshire Schools & Schooldays:A Guide to historical sources Univ. of Leeds 0196
Historical Research Nottingham University 0197
Descriptive Catalogue of Charters & Manorial Records* T Walter Hall 0198
Title Deeds A Dibben 0199
The Local Historian Vol.10   0200
Ancient Life and Place-names in Notts, Derbys & Yorks R Peters 0201
Dictionary of English Place-names A Mills 0202 & 0202.1
Survey Gazetteer of the British Isles   0322
Approaches to Local History Alan Rogers 0203
Recording a church:an illustrated glossary T Cocke 0204
Recording old houses:a guide R W McDowall 0205
Local History in England W G Hoskins 0366


The World We Live In:The World of the Past Hebden&Wilkinson 0153
Project:Castles & Historic Houses Gyles Brandreth 0154
Tutankhamun’s Egypt Davies & Stewart 0155
Roman Britain G Webster 0156
The Crusades R R Sellman 0157
Britain’s Heritage:Book 3 P Larkin 0158
Living Through History E Cowle 0159
The Rotten Romans T Deary 0163
The Spanish Armada S Speers 0164
The Story of Clothes & Costume R Bowood 0165
The Story of the motor Car D Carey 0166
Digging up the Past F Pryor/D Collison 0168
Living in the Past V Hasler 0169


Black Jack Leon Garfield 0167
Meet Me By The Steelmen T Tomlinson 0161
Blitz Baby T Tomlinson 0162
Scavenger Boy T Tomlinson 0160
Devil-in-the-Fog L Garfield 0328


Books In The Book Cupboard (left wall)


Prehistoric Humberside Humberside C.C. 0121
Hill-Forts of Britain A Hogg 0122
Mesolithic Cultures of Britain S Palmer 0123
Changing Faces:Man in Humberside from the Stone Age to AD1500 Watkins & Whitwell 0185
Ancient Britain: a Map of the Major Visible Antiquities Ordnance Survey 0184
Prehistoric Yorkshire A Raistrick 0124
Stone Circles of the Peak J Barnatt 0125
Vindolanda(Chesterholm) R Birley 0126
The Archaeology of Roman Britain Collingwood & Richmond 0127
The Small Towns of Roman Britain Burnham&Wacher 0128
The Romans in Yorkshire A Raistrick 0129
Early landscapes from the air D N Riley 0130 & 0130.1
Excavationson Sutton Common 1933-1935 C E Whiting 0131
Castledyke:voices from beyond the grave Humberside C.C. 0132
Archaeology Field Guide Prehistoric Society 0133
East Midlands Archaeology Council for British Archaeolgy 0134
Archaeology in Britain:New Views from the Past British Museum 0135
Discovering Industrial Archaeology&History H Bodey 0136
Industrial Archaeology A Raistrick 0137
Industrial archaeology in Britain R A Buchanan 0331
Archaeology in the Ordnance Survey 1791-1965 C W Phillips 0138
Gods Graves and Scholars C Ceram 0139


The English Country House Olive Cook 0140
Cruck Buildings B Bunker 0141
The English Farmhouse & Cottage M Barley 0142
The Family House in England A Henderson 0143
Tracing the history of Houses Breckon & Parker 0144
Old English Houses Hugh Braun 0145
Village Buildings of Britain M Rice 0146
On the Dating of English Houses Smith & Yates 0147
Traditional Farm Buildings R Harris 0148
Houses in the Landscape J & J Penoyre 0149
The English Country House D Cook 0150
Historic Houses & Gardens   0151
Western Architecture R F Jordan 0152
A Country House Companion Mark Girouard 0240
The English Town 1660-1760 A McInnes 0369


Roman Britain K B Branigan 0209
Rome, Britain & the Anglo-Saxons N Higham 0210
Roman Roads in Britain I Margary 0212
Roman Britain & the English Settlements R Collingwood 0213
The Anglo-Saxons D Wilson 0241
Anglo-Saxon & Viking Humberside Humberside C.C. 0214
The Domesday Book T Hinde 0215
Doomsday Michael Wood 0216
The Norman Conquest of the North W Kapelle 0217
The Norman Heritage 1066-1200 T Rowley 0223
The Making of the English Landscape W G Hoskins 0224
Medieval Humberside Humberside C.C. 0225
English Medieval Landscape L Cantor 0226
The English Village Community & the Enclosure Movement W E Tate 0227
Some Types of Common-Field Parish F G Emmison 0262
English Medieval Towns S Reynolds 0228
Medieval Artifacts N Mills 0229
The Medieval Town M Reeves 0230
Essays on Medieval Agriculture M Postan 0231
Peterloo: A History of the Massacre J H Hudson 0232
The Early Victorians 1832-1851 J Harrison 0233
The Victorian Village D Souden 0234
Sacred Britain M & N Palmer 0235
Doomsday:Four Counties 1806 Rev W Bawdwen 0236
English Popular Education 1780-1975 D Wardle 0237
English Farming:Past & Present Lord Ernle 0238
Six Centuries of Work & Wages Thorold Rogers 0239
The Transformation of Britain 1830-1939 G E Mingay 0354


Roads & Tracks of Britain C Taylor 0278
Upgate & Downgate E Clark 0279
The Chesterfield Canal Chesterfield Canal Society 0280
Through Kirton Tunnel S Gay 0281
The Waterways Revolution from the Peaks to the Trent1768-1778 C Richardson 0282
Two Way Guide to the Settle Line J Wood 0283
London & N E Railway: Lincs & The Dukeries   0284
The Railway Stephensons M Jamieson 0285
The South Yorks Joint Railway B Elliott 0286
The Old North Road (through Babworth parish) J Board 0287
The Turnpike Road system in England 1663-1841 W Albert 0288
An Account of Hancocks of Bamford & the Sheffield & Gainsborough Service Omnibus Society 0289
The Tramway Era in Sheffield Sheffield Transport 0326
A History of Rotherham’s Roads & Transport   0343
Lost Railways of Nottinghamshire G Kingscott 0290
Transport in South Yorkshire 1830-1970   0310
The Origins of the Sheffield and Chesterfield Railway J Dunstan 0370


Practical Coal-Mining (6 vols. With plates) W S Boulton (ed.) 0323.1/2/3/4/5/6
Set of NCB training handbooks National Coal Board 0332 (see booklets)
The Copper & Lead Mines of Ecton Hill, Staffs Robey & Porter 0249
Memories of a Miner;Operation Firbeck Recorded on tape by George Douglas 0315


Hardwick Hall M Girouard 0170
A History of Derbyshire J Childs 0171
Notable Derbyshire Houses   0172
Bygone Days in the Peak District L Porter & D Fowkes 0173
Feudal History of Derbshire Vol.7 P Yeatman 0174
The Ancient Customs of Derbyshire C Porteous 0175
Holymoorside Past & Present R Entwistle 0176
Wartime Whitwell Des Thorpe 0177
Doomsday Book:Derbyshire   0222
Oldcoates:The Last Mansion Built by Bess of Hardwick P Kettle 0311
Murder & Serious Crime in Derbyshire P Taylor 0187
Churches, Chapels & Preachers Elmton with Creswell LHS 0329
A History of Elmton with Creswell Infant Schools Elmton with Creswell LHS 0330
Visitations of Derbyshires On long term loan from Michael Bradburn: in safe  


Domesday Book: Leicestershire Phillimore (publisher) 0220


Domesday Book:Lincolnshire (Part One) Phillimore (publisher) 0219
Domesday Book: Lincolnshire (Part Two) Phillimore (publisher) 0219.1
Roman Lincolnshire J Whitwell 0211
Tom Otter and the Slaying of Mary Kirkham Ian Morgan 0356


The Visitation of Nottinghamshire 1662-1664 G D Squibb (ed.) 0250
Carlton of Yesteryear Y Jones 0251
A Tour of Shireoaks P Brammer 0252
A Mine Memories & A Marina   0253
Blyth Priory Cartulary Vol 1 Pub. Thoroton Society 0178
Rufford Charters Vols1-4   0254/5/6/7
Farms & Fields of Southwell P Lyth 0258
Clumber D Bradbury 0259
A Prospect of Nottinghamshire C Weir 0260
Place-Names of Nottinghamshire English Place-Name Society 0261
Domesday Book: Nottinghamshire   0221
The Dukeries P Jones & M Riley 0263
The Dukeries & Sherwood Forest R Innes-Smith 0264
Bygone Bassetlaw M Macfayden 0265
Pilgrim Country-An a-Z Guide Joan Board 0266
The History of Laxton C S & C S Orwin 0267
Where Truth Abides:Diaries of the Duke of Newcastle J Fletcher 0268
Cuckney R J Peters 0269
Thoresby Park C Allan Bolbury 0270
The Dukeries M R bower 0271
The History of Wallingwells N Slingsby-Smith 0272
Old Worksop D Ottewell 0273
Ornament of Sherwood Forest J Fletcher 0274
Worksop Wesleyan Methodist Circuit 1818-1915   0275
The Buildings of England:Nottinghamshire N Pevsner 0276
Worksop(in old picture postcards) R & J Davies 0277
A Look Back at Langold   0086
Victorian Worksop Michael Jackson 0349
Turning Back the Pages in Old Worksop Compiled by J Robb 0350
Nottinghamshire Within Living Memory Notts Fed. Of Women’s Institutes 0351
Bygone Worksop Michael J. Jackson 0352
Sissons Views of the Dukeries and Worksop   0353
Worksop in Times Past Michael J Jackson 0363
Secrets of Sherwood D J Bradbury 0364

* see also guide-book section


George (Memoirs of a Gentleman’s Gentleman) N Slingsby-Smith 0314
Brother to the Ox Fred Kitchen 0316
Thomas Tofield of Wilsic Skidmore, Dolby & Hooper 0317
Captain James Cook & Whitby C Preston 0318
Ebenezer Elliott:the Corn Law Rhymer   0319
School Days at Chatsworth Nancie Park 0320
Tuppney’s Tales Joyce A Cooper 0345
Five Miles from Bunkum Ketteridge & Mays 0321


The T’alli Stone M Dunn 0206
The Underground Man Mick Jackson 0207
The Ploughman Homeward Plods Fred Kitchen 0208
The Mayflower Maid Sue Allan 0358
Jamestown Woman Sue Allan 0357


Shell Guide to Country Museums K Hudson 0242
Heraldry Von Volbarth 0243
The History of RAF Stations Ossington & Gamston W Taylor 0244
The English Gentlewoman F Fraser 0229
A Chronicle of Folk Customs B Day 0245
British Folk customs C Hole 0246
The Country Priest in English History A Tindal Hart 0247
The Sword Dances of Northern England Part 111 Cecil Sharpe 0248


*O.S. = Ordnance Survey






Anston, Dinnington, G’wells 1854   39 In safe
Aston-cum-Aughton 1911 O.S. 11 D3
Aston-cum-Aughton: field survey Undated   03 D2
Aughton & Carlton-in-Lindrick 1996 O.S. 02 D3
Brampton, Bierlow & Rawmarsh Unknown O.S. 04 D3
Brinsworth (2) 1911 O.S. 05, 06 D3
Brinsworth: field survey Unknown By W. Bingley 39 D3
Carlton-in-Lindrick 1922 O.S. 116 D3
Chesterfield Canal     115 D4
Dinnington, Gildingwells & Letwell 1903 O.S. 36 D3
Dinnington,Gildingwells & Letwell 1930 O.S. 07 D3
Dinnington St. John’s 1956 O.S. 08 D3
Doncaster/Rotherham 1932 O.S. 09 D3
Firbeck: Firbeck Hall Estate Map 1909   12 D3
Firbeck 1842 Tithe award map 50 D1
Firbeck 1928 + 1948 additions O.S. 10 D3
Firbeck 1962 O.S. 13 D3
Firbeck: the oval field & part of Letwell 1962 56 D3
Firbeck, Letwell, Gildingwells & Langold 1967 O.S. 14 D3
Gildingwells 1841 Tithe award map 54 D1
Gildingwells 1808 Young’s 15 D3
Handsworth & area: geological survey 1875 O.S. 37 D4
Hooton Roberts & Thrybergh Unknown O.S. 16 D4
Laughton-en-le-Morthen 1840 Tithe award map 51 D1
Laughton-en-le-Morthen with Dinnington Unknown Parish map 17 D3
Lindrick 1888 Enclosure map 55 D1
Maltby, Ravenfield & Braithwwell Unknown Parish map 18 D3
Rotherham 1972 O.S. 43 D3
Rotherham Unknown Parish map 34 D3
Sheffield 1873   40 D4
Stainton & Harthill Early 19th c Parish map 19 D4
Throapham & Thwaites 1841 Tithe award map 52 In safe
Throapham Manor 1822 Estate plan 68 D3
Thurcroft 1928 + 1948 additions O.S. 21 D3
Thurcroft 1929 O.S. 20 D3
Tickhill Unknown Parish map 22 D4
Todwick 1930 O.S. 24 D3
Todwick & Aston Unknown Parish map 23 D4
Wallingwells 1962 O.S. 33 D3
Wallingwells Estate 1926   33 D3
Wallingwells Estate 1779   25 D3
Wath-on-Dearne Unknown Parish map 27 D4
Woodsetts & area 1835   31 D2
Woodsetts 1850 Tithe award map 53 In safe
Woodsetts 1902 O.S. 29 D2
Woodsetts & district 1903 O.S. 35 In safe
Woodsetts & district 1956 O.S. 30 D2
Woodsetts 1971 Tree preservation map 32 D2
Woodsetts 1564 Sir William Hewet’s lands 28 D2
Woodsetts 1771 Jeffrey’s 114 D2
Woodsetts 1850 Landowners 41 D2
Woodsetts 1850 Farmers 42 D2
Woodsetts   Ancient farms 40 D2
Worksop 1775 Kelk’s map 38 D3